The Making of a Craftsman – Attention to Details

As the pioneer medal maker of Singapore, ELM has trained and worked with many remarkable craftsmen in the last 52 years of our medal-making journey. This year, we would like to take the time to look back and appreciate the dedication of our craftsmen. They are the hands and heart of our company. Behind every perfectly crafted medal is a team of craftsmen who have worked with passion and commitment. And so, we embark on The Making of a Craftsman series to recognize our colleagues and to showcase what it takes to be a master craftsman.

In the second edition of The Making of a Craftsman, we look at a trait that every master craftsman must have, and that is having an almost obsessive attention to details.

A craftsman pays great attention to details. He is meticulous (and dare we say stubborn) even to little specifics like the degree of polish of a medal. He believes that it is these details that bring out the best of a medal. When a medal is lovingly and expertly constructed with this amount of care, it carries with it a sense of pride that, we hope, can be felt by its bearer.

Of course, craftsmanship and valuing craftmanship spans a wide spectrum of industries. From cars to writing instruments to watches, consumers have always placed a premium on quality and precision. Case in point – Patek Philippe, the maker of the finest of all wristwatches. Patek Philippe has some of the most coveted craftsmen in the world who strive relentlessly for perfection in their work. From Patek’s simplest to their most complicated model, the details are what make the difference. Even their simplest models are second-to-none in terms of elegance.

In a time when a premium is placed on speed, a true craftsman will never lower his attention given to his work as he is acutely aware of the penalties for cutting corners. At ELM, an apprentice is taught to respect the process needed to create a medal. Every step in the process must be adhered. Through time and practice, every part of the work process will become second nature to the craftsman.

Master craftsmen value the need to invest years of focus and practice to become great at what they do. Every repetition of a similar work process takes him a step closer to familiarising himself with his craft and to attain the level of quiet confidence or what we at ELM like to call tranquil assurance. Ultimately, to craft the best medals for our clients.