In its 40000 sq ft facility, headquartered in Singapore, ELM specialises in the manufacture of medallions and awards.

This journey began in 1968 in a small shop along Dunlop Street. It soon expanded to a factory set-up within a year. Perfection was insisted on everything that was pursued. From using traditional methods to make trophies & medals for local businesses, ELM pursued orders for the Middle Eastern and European states, apart from military orders.

Today, we continue to serve a wide and diverse range of clients whose needs range from coronations to commemorations, and anniversaries. From the exquisitely simple to the elegantly complicated, our emphasis is always on client satisfaction.

With every project, ELM continues to be a part of many stories across the globe, while living one of its own.


ELM is built on three core values that define its actions and outcomes.

Quality, pursued uncompromisingly; Excellence, approached with originality; and Precision, enriching experience.


Quality precedes all key processes from conceptualisation, production to delivery. Each piece goes through a set of rigorous checks at every stage of its development. Consistently delivering exclusivity in designs, each piece holds high ground based on its uncompromising quality.


Excellence is a value embedded in the purpose of our work. It elevates the raw original idea and delivers creations that our clients have come to expect over the years.


ELM craftsmen have, over the past 50 years, mastered the art and techniques required to shape an idea into a masterpiece. Precision presides over key decisions, keeping the craftsmanship traditions alive with poise and grace.


A Simple Commitment, A Clear Promise

We strive to be uncomplicated for those who trust us.
Intelligent in our approach and in the way our clients experience us.

To those whose lives, dedication and service is to be remembered

To those who would wear our medals
Craftsmanship delivered.