Each medal at ELM journeys through a story – one not unlike yours.

It’s a brief memoir etched into metal, an achievement remembered, a celebration carved. This is what we set out to do from the very beginning, over fifty years ago.

Our work is to commemorate and ensure that those important milestones are shared and passed down the generations. Much like the precision embodied in everything rare, ELM medals echo the intricacy spelled with grace. Our team of craftsmen take a leap of imagination to conceptualise the design that’s finally turned into a work of art.

Uncomplicating the whole process, we focus on delivering an experience.

The revered list of clients include government officials, military institutions, internationals corporations and esteemed clubs. Trusted to deliver state-of-the-art work, we hold high regards for the associations ELM has built over years.


Quality requires compliance to the highest standards in every aspect of production. As an ISO certified company with strong emphasis on excellence as its philosophy, ELM uses a custom quality control system that is both unique to us and dynamic, evolving with changing technologies and trends.

Our customers have come to expect a high level of product quality and service. ELM draws on its years of medal making experience to form a foundation for its quality standards that align with the brand’s and customer’s expectations.


At ELM, we understand that on-time delivery is critical. We put together resources that efficiently work to ensure the highest standards of service delivery. Our years of deliberate effort to streamline uninterrupted delivery to our customers has structured ELM’s backend process. With each experience, we work to exceed expectations while learning to do things better for the next time round.


Medal making is an extensive process that involves smooth integration between various departments. It requires flawless navigation from one stage to the next. ELM’s state-of-the-art machinery and operational excellence drives the whole function in harmony, resulting in high-end medals of varied intricacies.