From the onset, ELM has always had a culture of constantly evolving ideas and innovation.

And while there is an emphasis on continual improvement regarding precision and quality, our staff will not shy away from advocating change and improvement in all areas of the company’s operations – which makes for some very lively discussions!

One of the areas that has been the object of much of our attention is technology. Technology plays an integral role in measuring and averting any human error during our manufacturing process. The integrity of our product is imbibed in the fact that some of our products are crafted from real raw materials. For instance, if it’s 925 silver, one can totally trust it to be of the exact proportion of the material as promised.

In certain cases, the accuracy of the final product is tested by external labs to be certified true to specifications. Supervised by knowledgeable and experienced senior staff, all our production teams adhere to a routine quality control check to quickly spot and rectify any issues in the production process. This might be something small such as dust, scratches, or slight colour variations.

The final step of packaging follows a standard procedure for optimal protection of the package, and is customised for the type of product. While some are finely packed in a leatherette casing with elm branding, some other require detailed stitching to encase them perfectly.

The main aim of packaging is to ensure product safety, apart from reflecting the finished form of the whole process in an aesthetic manner.