our specialists

The ELM team is an ensemble of medallists who are immersed in the spirit of medal-making. We ensure the highest quality of products and services every step of the way. From concept and design through delivery, we marry the intimacy of traditional handcrafting with sophisticated technology to bring to you highly exquisite results.

Supported by state-of-the-art equipment, our 40,000 sq ft manufacturing facility houses a culture of dedicated and professional artists and craftsmen who have the knowledge and skills to keep the pulse of ELM alive.

value-added services

While we develop unique and quality designs, our team also has the refurbishment capabilities to restore your precious treasures – which have been tarnished over time – to their original splendour.

Other services include:
Technical Support – Advice on production parameters and cost effective methods.
Presentation Cases – Leather, Wood, Velvet and other materials available.
Framing and Display Services – Development of frames and display solutions for Swords and Ceremonial Gifts.
Medal Mounting – Professional mounting services of Regular and Miniature Medals.
Refurbishment – Restoration of old Medals and Jewellery.