ELM is a team of skillful Medal Makers. Its core business is in crafting Orders, Decorations & Medals and State gifts. We hold our list of clients in high regard. And they are mostly governments, military institutions and various international corporations. A large majority of them come from more than 30 countries. Because of this, we continue to perfect the art of excellence in quality and service reliability in the medals industry.

There is a unique story behind every medal. Each one of them celebrates a significant event, and are therefore, symbols of dedication, achievement, character and loyalty. Through this, they become gifts of honour. By recognising the value and impact of these stories behind every medal, we create each item with absolute reverence, paying close attention to the details that reflect our profound appreciation of every story.

We are always in continuous pursuit of perfection in our craft. By prioritising the delivery of high-quality and well-finished products for our clients, we seek to establish long-standing business relationships, built on foundations of quality assurance, service excellence and unrivalled standards.

ELM is honoured to be the region’s leading Medallist, dedicated to the craft of making Orders, Decorations & Medals in Singapore.